About Me

Hello! Thanks for stopping by Horizons and Hops, a travel and lifestyle blog for those of us who are living the best of both worlds: “nesting” and growing roots at home and traveling when we can.  A few things to know about your intrepid author:

  • I was born in Washington, DC and it’s where I’ve decided to stay for the long haul. DC has the perfect mix of culture, history, amazing food, and activities galore.
  • My husband and I bought our first home together last year, a 1908 rowhouse that we are slowly, but surely, fixing up
  • I’m the proud dog mom to a goofy and lovable pug mix
  • Traveling brings me such joy! I majored in art history so I love exploring a new place by going to its museums, historical sites, and libraries (oh yeah, I’m a librarian too).

The name of this blog, Horizons and Hops, is a little play on words. There is a hop variety called Horizon.  I like beer. I like traveling and expanding my own horizons. So, Horizons and Hops came to be.